Ridgetop Cellars was born from that dreamer who wouldn’t stop without finding that Rainbow Connection and what’s on the other side. The rainbow was not an illusion, and the dream was the making of a reality. Ridgetop Cellars is a family boutique winery planted in the foothills of Shasta County with views of Mount Shasta through the tops of the cedar and pine trees nestled in the area. As John Muir once wrote, “the mountains are calling, and I must go.” This mountain town called to us with its beautiful volcanic soil, bountiful creeks, and endless glory. Located in Whitmore, California, Ridgetop Cellars focuses on Spanish varietals where Ridgetop Cellars’ Sepulveda family shares its heritage. Each of our vines are pruned with care by our family. The hearts of our friends and family are part of each bottle as our grapes are picked by hand where our harvest is a celebration of friends, family, and the nurtured vines as they provide the sweet fruit that becomes the incredibly flavorful wine that we at Ridgetop Cellars are proud to share.

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